Want to purchase a pair of cheap jordan shoes but not sure which is the right one for you  The most 

popular basketball shoes possibly ever created are the Air Jordan shoes. The price tag on these shoes 

varies greatly and it is often difficult to tell if you are getting a genuine pair or a replica.

There are many knockoffs created by scam businesses, they look real enough, almost perfect, but can be in fact 

be fakes. How do you know then whether you are getting a real pair and getting the genuine article or 

you are getting a fake pair and being part of a full scale ripoff  There are many businesses that will 

take gullible consumers and sell fake or replica Air Jordan shoes, not only online but on black market 

stalls on the streets. 

The problem is that you don't know if the cheap air jordans are real or fake if you base your decision only on 

price, because genuine shoes can also be sold at a much lower cost than the so called genuine Jordan 

shoes. Genuine Jordan can sometimes be sold at 25-30% of the normal cost. You can buy these shoes online 

or from the so called black market operations. Those people who are not aware of the various different 

versions of the Air Jordan may have no idea what the differences are between the fake or knock off shoes 

being sold by a scam artist or the real genuine or replica product being sold by the big business in 

America or a wholesaler. It is very difficult with good quality knock offs to tell if they are real or 

fake. The main reason for this is that all of the Air Jordan shoes will be made in another country.

As an example, if a factory worker called P1 (Person1) in Asia somewhere is making cheap jordans for sale that 

will be shipped to America for sale as the real genuine article for perhaps $300 or more then the person 

next to P1 in the factory, we will call him P2 (Person2), is also making the same shoes they are called 

a replica and a knock off version because it is not going direct to the 'Big.You know which company I 

mean name has only four letters in it and based in America. The shoes that are sent to the 'Big   are 

they therefore real or fake  They are quite probably made next to P2 who makes the shoes for a 

wholesaler so which ones are real and which ones are fake  Which ones are genuine and which ones are 

replicas .

When you buy the shoes made by P1 at $350 you may in fact being more involved in a ripoff, since these 

jordan shoes for cheap may be the same as those made by P2, sitting at the table next to P1, but they are called a 

replica because they will not go to the 'Big   in the USA  Which is real or fake  Which part is the rip 

off, buying the same shoes for $300 being a rip off or buying them for $99  You have to decide which 

shoes are knockoffs and why  Do you want the so called real shoes made by P1 or the replica and so 

called fake shoes made by P2  Tricky isn't it!

So when you consider the fact that the shoes are quite probably made in the cheap jordans free shipping but distributed 

to different retailers/wholesalers for different prices, where is the scam  The expensive so called 

genuine article made by P1 or the replica or knockoffs made by P2. You have to make the decision whether 

you want to pay $300 or more for a genuine 'replica  made by P1 or the 'fake  replica made by P2 and pay 

less than say $100. They are mostly made in the same factory so how do you figure it out   Fake or real, 

real or fake $300 or $99! I want the shoes made by P2 and pay the better price for the same Air Jordan 

shoes don't you  One thing is sure those who are selling Jordans at $99 per pair are not making billion 

dollar profits.

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