New Jordans is one of the most popular brands of shoes ever released. The brand was created by Nike in 1985 for arguably the best basketball player of all time, Micheal Jordan. Since then, Air Jordan has released a new model of their basketball kicks each year. The first release of Air Jordan shoes (also known as 'Jordans') were known as the Air Jordan I (1). The styles go numerically from 1-23 or I-XXIII and continue with the models 2009 and 2010. Micheal Jordan wore the # 23 for a good portion of his basketball career, which was the reason why the models only go up to 23 and then continue in a different format. There are hundreds of styles of Air Jordan shoes, all with their own unique design. Each model of shoe has its own story behind it. Here are some interesting facts about each model of new jordans 2011. I - This is the shoe that started it all. II - Popular for their simple and stylish design. III - A steppingstone for the popularity of the brand. 

IV - This was the first model to be released for sale to the world market. V - The clear rubber sole was a very popular feature with this model. VI - new jordans coming out requested this model feature a toe reinforcement. VII - For the first time, did not feature the "Nike Air" logo. VIII - Due to its superior traction and support, this model became known as the "Punisher". IX - Released the same year that Michael Jordan announced his retirement for the first time. X - The shoes were still released even though Micheal Jordan did not play in the league this year. XI - This model is known to be the most popular in the Jordan shoe line. XII - Partly inspired by the Japanese Rising Sun flag. XIII - You may not be able to tell by just looking at it, but this design was inspired by a panther. XIV - These were the first in the line to have metal tip laces. XV - Tongue of the shoe has a 'sticking out' style to resemble the classic images of MJ with his tongue sticking out while he played. XVI - Featured a unique gaiter/shroud that covers the shoe and that can be removed to give the shoe a brand new look. XVII - If you want to hide your laces, these feature a midfoot cover on the shoe to allow you to decide whether or not you want to show your laces. XVIII - Design was partly inspired by a race car. XIX - Inspired by the most dangerous snake on earth, the Black Mamba. XX - During its marketing campaign, "Welcome to the future" was a major slogan for the Jordan 20. XXI - Very simple design compared to the other Jordan models.

 XXII - Inspiration came from one of the most advanced fighter jets in the world - the F-22 Raptor. XXIII - Marked the 23rd year production, the same number 23 was worn by Michael Jordan through a portion of his NBA career. 2009 - The first release after 23 and was not named numerically. 2010 - These celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the New Jordan Shoes. Other models from the line include the Dub Zeros. The Dub Zeros were released in 2005 and are a combination of many different models. They feature the best pieces of the most popular models. The Air Jordan that were once produced in limited quantities have been re released in their retro models. To some people, these basketball shoes have become more than just shoes, they are a collectors item. Wherever you are around the world you will find people wearing this iconic brand. On or off the court, New Jordan shoes can be a serious fashion statement. With hundreds of styles available, there is a shoe for everyone.Check out this link to see the number one place to buy Air Jordan shoes.

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